Top-grade 10 Argumentative Research Paper Topics

As you begin to think over the argumentative research assignment, the first thing to do is to determine precisely the main features of this work. These are the peculiarities you have to preserve to get a good grade and meet all the requirements. The central idea of argumentative writing is to provide reliable and accurate background for the statement you make in your research by using actual facts from primary or secondary sources. Here are some points that you should keep in mind while working on the argumentative research paper:

  • Clear and arguable thesis stated at the beginning of your writing;
  • Logically structured order of the paragraphs, allowing for better perception;
  • Maintaining the central argument by various statements throughout the whole text;
  • Appropriate sources that help you support your assertion.

Your research is, therefore, required to have a peculiar structure as well. Such a structure will include the introduction, background paragraph, several supporting evidence paragraphs, counter-argument paragraph and conclusion part.

Introduction: Describe the purpose of your paper, state the claim and mention any information that can draw the audience’s attention.

Background paragraph: Briefly comment on the basis for your further argumentation, define central keywords.

Supporting evidence (may include 2 or more paragraphs): introduce, state and explain all the evidence of your argumentative research (facts, events, statistics, quotes, examples).

Сounterargument paragraph: part of a paper, in which you try to anticipate possible disagreement of the audience by making your statement more confident and substantiated.

Conclusions: Sum up all the work done to illustrate the results you got, as well as how it could be useful for further investigation of your viewpoint.

Such a structure is pretty simple, so keep in mind that it’s possible to organize it in a way that is more convenient for you, thus preserving the main peculiarities.

No good academic paper is possible without a clearly specified topic. A good argumentative research paper topics are those debate-provoking and containing an idea that may have supporters and opponents as well. Possible discussion of your research is a good motivator for thoughtful preparation. Anyway, the first thing to do when choosing the right topic is to point out urgent matters modern society faces. This is because related topics are the most arguable ones and can give you a lot more possibilities for exploration and consideration. The spectrum of topics for the argumentative research paper may differ, depending on your educational institution and field of study. Browse some of our best topics lists and decide what area of study will be right for you. You can use any topic you are interested in to develop your own idea.

Gripping 10 Argumentative Research Paper Topics for Middle School Students

Subjects for middle school student can seem quite simple and easy sometimes, but they are worth discussing anyway.

  1. Is it really necessary to have a school newspaper?
  2. Should parents limit their children’s “TV-watching ” time?
  3. Do the mass media have any harmful impact on child psychology?
  4. Should children pay more attention to what they eat?
  5. School reforms you would like to implement
  6. Are there any ways of preventing bullying at school?
  7. Should kids have household duties?
  8. Benefits to get from summer school
  9. The necessity of drug testing at middle-school
  10. Does academic performance matter?

10 Argumentative Research Paper Topics for High School Students to Pay Attention To

High school students are often faced with assignments that require more thoughtful preparation because they deal with more severe issues.

  1. Global warming, reality or scary fairytale?
  2. Afterlife, fact or fiction?
  3. Is it good for humanity to prohibit abortion?
  4. Is the death penalty appropriate in modern society?
  5. Cloning — advancement or hidden evil?
  6. Should cell phones be banned s at schools?
  7. Does adolescence really start at 22?
  8. How important is faith in God?
  9. Do students spend too much time at school?
  10. Benefits of online studying over classwork

Step Up: Top 10 Argumentative Research Paper Topics for College Students

Since everyone in college has a particular field of study, the spectrum of available issues is much narrower, and it makes writing the argumentative research paper somewhat easier. Here is the list of college research paper topics we’d like you to look through.

  1. Is it essential to include information technologies class in all the fields of study?
  2. Do TV-programs often raise racism issues?
  3. Is there any place for sexism in the video games world?
  4. Is it safe for a boy to wear women clothes in modern society?
  5. Should sex education be introduced in schools?
  6. How credible is your government?
  7. Does modern culture have a harmful effect on childhood?
  8. Should parents take a more active part in their children’s school life?
  9. Does happiness have a price tag?
  10. Is college importance overrated?

Of course, there is a vast variety of other paper types you may be confronted with during your school years, and each of them has their distinctive features. Sometimes, it is quite challenging for a student to pick a topic that will be both unique, and relevant. It usually requires them to spend sleepless nights and causes them a lot of headaches to collect and process all the necessary data. If you feel that formulating a clear and appropriate theme is a pretty difficult task to handle, you can refer to our website article, which includes useful high school, university, and college research paper topics. We wish you luck, and hope that our tips will help you turn your research paper assignment into an enjoyable experience!