Bipolar Disorder Essay — General Peculiarities

You have probably faced essay assignments during your school years, and, as a result, may have some basic knowledge about the goal of the communicative essay or its structural peculiarities. Of course, first of all, you should choose a topic for your future paper. While dealing with the bipolar disorder essay, it is quite clear that you are going to face some psychology and mental issues. It is a considerably severe illness, and in this case, you have to use credible and correct facts from reliable sources in order not to misinform your possible audience. Unlike an essay on some common themes, a paper on bipolar disorder doesn't provide you with absolute freedom to express own guesses or ideas. One of the main points that should be indicated in your essay is the precise definition of what is a bipolar disorder. It should also provide some additional information based on different scientific facts, research papers, documents, etc. Keep in mind that it would be inappropriate to add any doubtful data that could provoke some questions or irrationality in your writing because an essay paper on a bipolar disorder is quite specific in itself and requires some additional knowledge in different areas.

How to Write an Essay on Bipolar Disorder: Processing and Structure

For starters, it is necessary to collect some data from different sources that contain information about the bipolar disorder or deal with a particular aspect you want to highlight in your essay. Use only relevant and up-to-date references and select the info thoroughly — it will help you prove the facts you are going to mention in your paper. The bipolar disorder essay likes any other paper, has at least three main parts: the Introduction, Body part, and Conclusion. It should also contain several essential points (usually included in the Body part):

  • Topic sentence: the primary purpose of your paper: some question you are going to answer;
  • Supporting sentence (or sentences) that provides more detailed information about the process of your work;
  • Evidence: the basis of your bipolar disorder essay. It could be references to the already conducted research assignments, psychological reports, polls that you have conducted by yourself.
  • Analysis. It is not enough to collect information. The primary task is to analyze it and see what it can lead to. Here you can use some critical thinking, argue some point, search for evidence.
  • Concluding sentence: actually, the final and logical results you’ve got.

To successfully process all the collected data in an appropriate way and sort it according to your essay parts, create an outline for a bipolar disorder essay. It will help you follow a logically built plan and prevent any possible misunderstanding or confusion when stating facts.

Refined Bipolar Disorder Essay Outline: Step by Step

Then outline is helpful for creating your essay parts. It usually contains general information that will help you preserve a logical structure of your work, and its form may differ depending on the student’s preferences. The following simplified example could be valuable for better understanding what the outline of the essay on bipolar disorder actually is.


  1. The general definition of Bipolar Disorder
  2. Bipolar disorder diversity and symptoms
    1. Bipolar I
    2. Bipolar II
    3. Hypomanic
  3. Stages of Bipolar Disorder
    1. Symptoms of mania
    2. Symptoms of depression
  4. A course of Bipolar Disorder
  5. Causes of bipolar disorder
  6. Bipolar Disorder: Children and Adolescents
    1. Genetics’ role in Bipolar Disorder
  7. Bipolar Disorder Treatment
    1. Medication
    2. Activities
    3. Lifestyle
  8. Cases requiring long-term medication

However, this outline shows only its main idea, which can be developed or changed as the writer wishes.

Appropriate Introduction for a Bipolar Disorder Essay

In this part, you are to define a specific aspect of the bipolar disorder that is interesting for you or causes you to have questions. Answering the question like ‘how to write an introduction for an essay about bipolar disorder?’ next tip could be used. Not only do you have to state the problem but also think about its background and whether this question is relevant at all. Here, it is appropriate to refer to some quotes or reports, scientific documents, etc. Remember that your point of view should be well-grounded and not be a figment of your imagination.

Conclusion for a Bipolar Disorder Essay: The Last but Not the Least

The conclusion in your essay is its principal part. Here you have to cope with at least one challenge: how not to lose track of your writing. It should, therefore, result from all the analysis you’ve made before and lead to relevant answers and conclusions. Process all the information carefully and proofread everything you’ve written. Simply put, if you have done the bipolar disorder conclusion essay, its last part should be easy to read.

When dealing with the bipolar disorder essay, be sure to apply yourself fully y to the task, and you’ll see that this assignment is not that hard at all.