A Way to Successful Brainology Essay

Everyone knows how powerful and unique our brain is. We all have different thoughts, minds, and beliefs. Our way of thinking determines our actions, character, and lifestyle. The way brainology influences our lives can be explored from various perspectives, providing us with newer and more exciting information about ourselves. This is why the brainology essay is so popular among students and professors at different educational institutions. Don't know what to write about in this essay? Let’s take a closer look at one of the brainology issues that will draw your attention.

There is one peculiar feature whereby all people can be divided into two broad groups. The first group includes people who have the so-called fixed mindset. They are always concerned about their competence, quickly give up every time they are confronted with a challenge, and always search for ways to avoid any difficulties. There are also people with the so-called growth mindset. This mindset is characterized by a constant desire to know more and use all opportunities. People with such a mindset aren’t afraid of any challenges or stumbling blocks, because the way to salvation implies gaining a lot of useful knowledge and skills. There is always room for improvement, isn’t there? As you can see, the mindset phenomenon is extremely untrivial and exciting. Use this material as a topic for your essay for brainology and show everyone how enjoyable writing an essay can be!

This subject is worth studying and describing because it changes some common foundations of our society. For example, according to Carol Dweck, who works in the brainology sphere and was the first to start studying mindsets, the growth mindset is exactly your key to success. A lot depends on your self-esteem and readiness to cope with difficulties you’ll encounter along the path to real self-development. One more thing that has a significant impact on our progress is the way we are praised, and it is worth mentioning this in your essay as well. The thing is that people can be praised for their intelligence or efforts, and it has a peculiar impact on our results.

Anyway, as you can see, you can write a lot about it in your essay, and we want to offer you some guidelines on how to make an essay written on brainology correctly structured and astonishing.

The structure of a well-written essay is undoubtedly well-known to you:

  • Introduction
  • Body part
  • Conclusion

Since this matter is quite new, we find it helpful to explain the content of each part in more detail.

  • Introduction. Indicate the central theme of your essay. If it is an issue of mindsets, mention Carol Dweck’s brainology article that will serve as a basis for your further writing.
  • Body Part. This part is going to be the most informative one. Here, you mention not only important statements and ideas of the article but also express your thoughts about it. If the article contains information about transforming students motivation to learn, you are to analyze the main reasons for these transformations and whether they are effective. Study the article in detail and think over how useful it is for people, especially students, to know this information.
  • Conclusion. What result can you get after analyzing this article? Emphasize the importance of praising efforts, not intelligence — if you agree with such a strategy. Or, if you have found enough evidence, write about the unreliability of such mindset division. Choose what mindset you have (or would like to have) and how it influences your achieving of success. What did this article make you think about? Answer all these questions carefully, and you will have a perfect and logical conclusion.

Tips on Writing a Brainology Article Essay

Such an assignment may seem easy to cope with. You have an article, and your task is to retell it. But it’s not that simple. Here are some valuable tips that will help you make your essay exciting and original:

  • Don’t retell. If your essay is based on the article about fixed and growth mindsets, you are to make “Brainology by Carol Dweck summary.” It should be a simple overview of the basics, but not a full retelling.
  • Express own ideas. Analyze the source and write about what thoughts it has provoked. It would be interesting for your audience to hear about the new and fresh viewpoint on this issue.
  • Stay true to yourself. State your ideas clearly and support them with different examples and observations throughout the whole essay. Don’t change your position spontaneously.
  • Answer the questions. It could be a central question in your introduction, or those, appearing in the process of analyzing the work. Make your essay coherent and well-grounded.

We wish you luck in coping with such an assignment as the brainology essay. This subject is certainly an exciting one and worth being explored. We hope you’ll be able to do it perfectly!