Approaching the Ethical Dilemma Essay

If you follow debates on highly discussed topics, you may probably know what an ethical dilemma is. Actually, this is a situation whereby there are two opposing viewpoints on the same problem. In the majority of cases, dilemma issues have neither the ‘right’ nor ‘wrong’ solution, so the primary task of each debate participant is to clearly explain and prove their point using the knowledge or skills they have.

Ethical dilemma essay may help you develop your decision-making skills and form your ideas about some crucial issues, which we are confronted with in our daily lives. Such tasks, requiring one to have analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as an ability to make logical conclusions, may be given to you as an assignment to check your qualifications, erudition, and ability to prove your point convincingly.

Essays on the Ethical Dilemma: Why, Where and How

The moral dilemma essay is a quite popular assignment at many educational institutions. As it was mentioned earlier, the successful accomplishment of such a task may demonstrate a number of the student’s abilities and skills. Besides, explaining an ethical dilemma and presenting your viewpoint on it, it can demonstrate your awareness of what is going on in present-day society and what the most burning questions are. Anyway, you may be confronted with writing such an essay in different schools, because, as you might have understood, this paper can tell a lot about the person, their outlook, and knowledge.

Very often people type in “ethical dilemma essays MBA” in their browser’s search field and search for some hints because such an assignment is usually required for business schools to show their admission officers how educated you are. The MBA essay may create an undoubtedly comprehensive image of the person who has written it, thus helping an educational institution’s representatives understand your value for them.

The complexity of college-level ethical dilemma essays doesn’t differ too much. Of course, the fact that you may have a professor to consult with noticeably eases the process of writing such a serious paper.

However, whatever the purpose of essays on ethical dilemma is, the process of their writing can be broken down into five main steps.

  1. Step 1
    Choose a particular issue for your paper. Make sure that the topic is an ethical one and has at least two opposite viewpoints from which you are to choose the one you will agree with (subjectively, of course). For example, you may decide whether or not it is allowable for women to make an abortion.
  2. Step 2
    Think about ethical standards, norms or stereotypes that influence the chosen problem. When speaking about the given example, you may contrast the need to save the child and possible health risks for the woman during pregnancy, or the woman’s views and principles. You can explore and compare other various aspects of this issue as well.
  3. Step 3
    Create an outline. Even if you think that it won’t come in handy, make it anyway. It will help you arrange all the parts of your essay in a logical order and make it more understandable and structured. Your first part may include all the ‘cons’ arguments and explain why abortion is an absolute evil. In the second part, state all the ‘pros’ arguments that prove that abortion is justifiable. Your final outline part may include the comparison of the woman’s benefits of having either a child or abortion. Of course, this (and many other) ethical problems are highly debatable, because in every society there are a lot of communities with different principles and ways of thinking.
  4. Step 4
    Keep in mind that your introduction is essential because it has an impact on whether or not your reader will become interested in knowing more about your work. Formulate a clear and strong thesis that will show your personal opinion, and in some way express your individuality. Make a brief overview of the whole paper by describing the work you’ve done while dealing with each section of your essay.
  5. Step 5
    Don’t forget about the conclusion. It should clearly show your final assessment of the ethical dilemma, which is supported with different examples and facts you are to mention throughout the whole essay.

The Most Thought-provoking Ethical Dilemma Essay Topics

It is not necessary to be a student of sociology faculty to understand how diverse ethical dilemma issues are in the modern world. There are always many problems people discuss and can’t reach an agreement. That is why it can be a real challenge to pick a particular issue among various ethical dilemma essay topics. We have prepared a list of topics covering a number of social and health aspects from which you can choose a particular subject you want to discuss in detail.

Prominent Ethical Dilemma Abortion Essay Topics

Nowadays, when the question of women’s rights and feminism is so hotly debated, abortion can become a perfect topic for your ethical dilemma essay. After all, having children is key to our survival as a species, and all newborns are the heritage we are going to leave in this world. Or…? Here are some aspects you can highlight in your essay.

  1. NHS and abortion – is it ethical?
  2. Abortion as self-defense
  3. Rights of the unborn child
  4. Religion and abortion

Topics for Essays on an Ethical Dilemma in Nursing

Nurses are often faced with many challenges and responsibilities, although we don’t discuss it a lot. Sometimes they have to make an important choice and behave in a certain way. But there are a lot of cases when they have to deal with public condemnation of their work. Here are some of the most hotly debated dilemmas regarding this topic:

  • Is disclosing a diagnosis worth it?
  • Ways for nurses to create an appropriate work environment
  • How can nurses deal with the patient’s family pressure?