For What Purpose and How to Write a Personal Statement

The personal statement is a paper of great importance, because it creates a more detailed image of you, helping others to understand who you are and what skills and knowledge you have. The personal statement may be required when you seek employment or wish to enter a university, and this is precisely why it’s important to be aware of how to write a personal statement correctly. If the former is the case, the personal statement gives your potential employer an opportunity to assess your potential as an employee and understand whether you can bring any value to their company. In the case of university enrollment, the personal statement demonstrates whether your knowledge matches the educational institution’s expectations, and provides the university’s administration with an opportunity to understand whether they should offer you a place among other students.

What is a personal statement? The personal statement is a piece of academic writing in which you are to describe why you are the best candidate (or the best applicant if you apply to a college or university) for a specific position. Of course, there will be a lot more personal statements besides yours, so your task is to anticipate it and figure out how to write a personal statement in a way that will make it one to remember. Generally, the personal statement is divided into two types, so you are expected to write either of them depending on their requirements and primary purpose. If you deal with the first type, you are free to mention anything about yourself that you feel will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates. The second type requires you to answer some questions asked by the organization you’re applying to. Though it may seem a bit more difficult, you’ll still have a much better idea what information you should include in your paper.

As you can see, writing a paper like this may be quite a challenge unless you have some specific skills and do some extensive preparation. Therefore, we feel it would be a good idea to provide you with some c personal statements advice that will come in real handy to you in one of the above scenarios.

Wondering What to Include in a Personal Statement to Make It a Success?

You already know that the personal statement requires you to describe yourself as the best candidate and back it up with some specific facts about yourself. However, it is essential not to provide too many details when you write your autobiography or mention some supernatural abilities you don’t possess. At the same time, your statement should not be too brief and include enough information about yourself and your skills/knowledge. So, are you still wondering what to include in a personal statement to strike the golden medium?

One of the crucial points to remember when writing a personal statement is that you need to answer some fundamental questions and thus reveal the main idea of your paper. These questions are:

  • Who are you?
  • What can you offer to the institution you are applying to?
  • What are your education and career goals and what do you want to succeed in?

Do keep in mind that your answers should be extensive enough, nontrivial, and express your personality as well. Also, be sure to read our article all the way through to find out how to do a personal statement more individual and enjoyable.

What was your motivation for an application? What inspired you to pay attention to this particular institution? Try to avoid cliches and convince your readers that you are highly interested in becoming part of their team. Prove that you are special. Apart from stating the obvious fact that your candidacy meets all the requirements, be sure to provide evidence of your previous experience or unique skills. Try to come up with reasons for studying (or working) in a chosen field and mention all research projects you’ve done. That way you will provide your readers with info on how well aware you are of the situation in the modern world.

Indicate your long-term plans. Employers and university administration are mostly interested in candidates who know what they want to get from life and clearly understand their goals. Your task is to let them know that you are confident of your future and your success and that your cooperation with the chosen organization will be fruitful to both sides.

Must-know Personal Statement Tips

  • Make a draft. It goes without question that there will be a lot of drafts before you come up with a final version. But it will help you avoid some silly mistakes and make your statement more logical.
  • Try to avoid religion or politics. The views on these subjects are highly subjective.
  • Proofread, proofread, - proofread. Make sure your personal statement is mistake-free.
  • Don’t exaggerate. Be honest about the knowledge and skills you possess.
  • Say ‘no’ to cliches. It’s OKl to look through some personal statement examples, but the keyword here is ’personal.’ You shouldn’t use boring phrases to show your competence.

We can assure you that remembering and following these tips for writing a personal statement will help you come up with a paper that is both exciting and incomparable.

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