Step-by-step Approach to Political Science Essay

Politics is an integral part of our lives, which is why political science is something particularly worth studying nowadays. By taking this course, students become aware of the functions of political institutions in different countries, study various political processes and their impact, learn to comprehend mechanisms of some national structures from the inside. Political science uses diverse methods, such as analytics, reports, researches, pools and different kinds of political science essay. All these approaches are undoubtedly useful and productive, but there is one of them that may pose a lot of difficulties to students — the political science essay. So, what is a political science essay and how does one define its primary purpose? Such an essay implies that you are to explore, describe and explain a particular political phenomenon, event or process, and reveal the interrelation between governments within the political context. Therefore, writing a political science essay is often understood by many students as something extremely challenging and impossible.

Of course, successful fulfillment of such an assignment requires not only knowledge of commonly known political facts and phenomena, but also the in-depth research of various issues and awareness of certain peculiarities of the political science essay. All the necessary and useful information isn’t necessarily so enormous, and we are here to help you sort out all the details and features that will make your future essay refined!

Basic instructions on how to write a political science essay

Like any other essay, the political science essay has an entirely simple structure consisting of the following parts:

Introduction. Acquaint the audience with the central problem of your essay and highlights its importance. Reveal the solution you are going to resort to and make an overview of the whole paper content.

Advice: Pick a political aspect that is most likely to draw the reader’s attention. Pay attention to the most relevant political issues, which are discussed today — it will give you more freedom to analyze and make assumptions.

Body. Describe your exploration process in more depth and mention the main methodology used in your political science essay writing. To make your ideas and thoughts more grounded, provide factual evidence and examples. Try not only to explain or describe but argue and analyze — that way you will develop your statements and let the reader look at the issue from different angles. Demonstrate your viewpoint and offer proof for it. Don’t be afraid of using critical thinking and be ready to put forward counter arguments or ask provocative questions — it will help you find inaccuracies or contradictions. Express your viewpoint and don’t let the audience forget about it. Everything you state in your paper should support your central idea, and this is one of the key points in how to write a political science essay.

Advice: Use reliable sources to provide a more solid foundation for your essay. Since you are working on the political science paper, there undoubtedly will be some official reports, analytics or other useful documents in libraries and online resources or databases.

Conclusion. Sum up all the information processed and present a clear and understandable result you’ve arrived at.

Advice: Your conclusion is a possible answer or solution to the issue raised in the introduction, but it shouldn’t look like “God exists… And that’s why God exists”.

Requirement and Helper: Political science essay outline

The outline may be not only a mandatory requirement but also a good helper during your essay preparation. If properly executed, the political science essay outline will show the reader how well-structured and logical your paper is going to be. With the help of the outline, you can see if there are any flaws in your narration or redundant information that can be omitted. Being a roadmap of your political science essay, the outline helps you stick to a certain plan and keep track of your thoughts, thus leading to rational and understandable conclusions.

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Best political science essay topics

  1. The one thing you would like to change in the US Constitution.
  2. Do political cartoons go too far?
  3. 9/11 and its influence on modern politics.
  4. Adoption rights for LGBT couples.
  5. Should the government provide illegal immigrants with healthcare services?
  6. The role of government in fighting obesity problems.
  7. How effective is immigration control?
  8. Will a woman ever become the US president?
  9. Same-sex marriage and its impact on politics.
  10. The role of the media in our perception of politics.

We hope that with the help of these essay topics for political science you will discover that your writing will become not only simple but also productive and enjoyable!