A Way to the Refined Research Paper on Birth Control

Despite significant advances in medicine achieved by many countries, some people are still in need of general sexual education to ensure their and their partner’s safety and reduce the risks of contracting a number of dangerous diseases, including such lethal ones as HIV or AIDS.

One of the issues related to sexual life is birth control. Lack of information regarding it can lead to adverse developments in an individual’s life, such as unwanted pregnancy and mental problems. And this is just one reason why studying birth control methods is so important.

Being a student of medicine, sociology or biology, you can, therefore, be given an assignment to, for example, explore an impact pregnancy has on females or write a research paper on birth control availability. Speaking about nowadays, birth control is exactly the issue that young people are often interested in, and that is why it can be studied in depth in many educational institutions. It requires thorough research of many aspects, which is why it would be helpful for you to know what steps you should take to make your paper cognitive.

Helpful Guidelines: How to Structure a Research Paper on Birth Control

To present your thoughts logically and sequentially, you need to structure your paper according to its type. It should be divided into several parts, each of which should describe in detail different aspects and stages of your research.

A typical research paper structure can look like this:

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion (optional)
  • Conclusions

Such a structure is also known as IMRAD (according to the first letters of the part names).

There should be two more parts before the introduction, which are: the title and abstract. In them, you get your reader acquainted with the topic of the paper, include some keywords and briefly comment on the content of your research paper.

In your birth control research paper introduction, you are to state the primary purpose of investigating this issue. You should also set the background for your paper and mention results you achieved after conducting research.

A well-written research paper body paragraph should contain a detailed description of your research methods, including an explanation of how you conducted your research. Specify the setting for the study and its participants, as well as explicate the research strategy and data collection process.

The next step would be to describe the research results, i.e., the critical findings mentioned in your introduction which correspond to the primary research goal. You may include some additional findings as well if they are useful for further research projects. If your research requires the discussion part, you should interpret the results and consider their possible implementation in a particular field of study or compare your findings with some previous research projects.

The generalized research paper conclusion is a summary of results and discussions, which is why there are cases when some of these parts aren’t obligatory.

What to Write About: Research Paper on Birth Control Methods

One of the most relevant aspects of the birth control issue involves research into birth control methods. There are societies where lack of awareness in this respect may have a harmful impact on human lives and lead to unwanted consequences. Generally, all society members should be aware of birth control methods and deal with them responsibly, because self-treatment can adversely affect their health.

Working on a research paper on birth control you can study in depth some permanent birth control methods, describing results of the polls conducted among people who used some of these methods.

If you deal with such a research paper topic, you can explore some birth control methods, including vasectomy, tubal ligation or Essure procedure. It might be entertaining and thought-provoking to include some psychological point of view because using such methods can change a lot of people’s lives.

One more topic to pay attention to when dealing with this research is male birth control. This aspect is not a widely discussed one and falls into the category of female birth control methods. Here, you can mention different types of birth control shots or pills used by men, and also describe how they affect male physiology.

Thanks to advances in medicine, students can research a wide range of aspects dealing with birth control methods. Besides commonly used birth control pills, there is also a birth control implant that can prevent pregnancy for up to four years, and transdermal birth control patch, which can stop ovulation in females. Just imagine how advanced medicine is nowadays if people can wear contraceptives right on their skin! When writing about different methods, don’t forget to mention a birth control sponge that is applied before sexual intercourse and is extremely effective and convenient.

As you can see, writing a research paper on birth control raises a lot of relevant issues that will be interesting both for you and your audience.

Basic Research Paper Topics on Birth Control

If you feel you can easily lose your bearings in such a wide variety of topics, check out the below topics that may prove helpful to you during your research.

  1. What makes people choose a particular birth control method
  2. Permanent birth control methods: are they permanent?
  3. Impact of birth control on women and men’s health
  4. Advances in birth control methods
  5. The effectiveness of birth control methods
  6. Birth control and its influence on family building